Bath Salts

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Turn your bath from regular to wonderful with our new Bath Salts! Whether you need to 'Soothe' sore muscles, 'Inspire' your mind or relax with the calming aroma of 'Lavender', you will find what you need here.  The salts contain minerals that are so beneficial and avocado oil is amazing for your skin.  Nourish your skin and your mind - you deserve it!

Available in a 227g (8 oz) jar.

Base Ingredients: himalayan pink salt, pure ocean salt, avocado oil

Inspire also contains angelica oil, ylang ylang oil, lavender oil, idaho blue spruce oil, cassia oil, vetiver oil, sacred sandalwood oil, geranium oil, sacred frankincense oil, patchouli oil, cardamom oil, mastrante oil, peppermint oil, melissa oil, rose oil, caprylic triglyceride

Lavender also contains lavender buds and lavender oil 

Soothe also contains peppermint oil, lemon oil, balsam fir oil, clove oil, copiaba balsam oil, coconut oil, wintergreen oil, helichrysum oil, vetiver oil, caprylic triglyceride