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Now the choice is up to you!  All lip balm flavours are made with beeswax (also available with an all natural, vegan wax blend, by request).  Our lip balm is GLUTEN FREE and you get to give your lips what they deserve!  This natural lip balm is loaded with nourishing ingredients to condition and soften.  Your lips will thank you!  

Available in:
Wine - all natural wine flavouring added
Coffee - real coffee used in this one
Maple - all natural maple flavouring added
Mint - all natural peppermint added
Cinnamon - all natural cinnamon added
Raspberry- all natural raspberry flavouring added
Unscented - nothing added
Winter Cranberry - cranberry butter, cranberry seed oil, all natural flavouring added

Beeswax Blend Ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, all natural flavouring

Vegan Blend Ingredients: coconut oil, vegan wax blend, shea butter, cocoa butter, all natural flavouring


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