Shipping and Delivery Dates for 2020

Here is where you will find all of our delivery dates and Bulk Order Shipping!

Bulk Order Shipping 2020

If you live in the Calgary, AB or Windsor, NS area, I'm happy to offer you the option of jumping in on free shipping with others in your area.  Choose Bulk Order Shipping for your location and when the next order is due to go, your order will be in it.  You will be contacted by Margaret in Calgary or Cathy in Windsor.  You arrange your pickup with them.  

Calgary, AB
September 28 (Orders placed by end of day September 24)
November 30 (Orders placed by end of day November 26)

Windsor, NS
October 26 (Orders placed by end of day October 22)
December 7 (Orders placed by end of day December 3)


Delivery Dates

Summerside, PEI - every Tuesday
Charlottetown, PEI - first Friday of the month
C0B postal codes east of Wellington - every Wednesday
C0B postal codes west of Wellington - every Thursday


Any questions, please email us at

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