Sampler Pack

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Whether you are testing the waters of our natural skincare line or you're a regular but wanting to try something new or gift some to a friend - this is a fantastic place to start!  Our sampler packs give you enough of a product to decide if you love it or not (we're pretty sure you'll love it).

Available in a variety of packs:

Body Scrub Sampler Pack - includes three 15g jars.  The jars are coffee body scrub, wild blueberry body scrub and lavender body scrub.

Coffee Skincare Sampler Packincludes three 15g jars.  One each of eye cream, body butter and body scrub.

Men's Sampler Pack - includes two 15g jars and one full size exclusive lip balm.  The jars are shaving balm (with activated charcoal) and after balm.  The exclusive lip balm is BACON (oh yes, I did)!

Unscented Sampler Packincludes three 15g jars.  One each of body butter, face moisturizer and shaving balm.

PEI Sampler Pack - includes two 15g jars and one fullsize lip balm. The jars are strawberry body scrub and lavender body butter. The lip balm is blueberry.  (limited availability)